LED-to-Bulb Converter

Three Calculators in One

LED-to-Bulb Converter helps you with buying the right lamp. Compare the efficience of different lamp types, get a better feeling for Kelvin as a measure for color temperature, and calculate the EU Energy Label classification.

Watt-Lumen Converter

Choose a brightness using the slider on the bottom or enter a Lumen or Watt value. Then, compare the energy consumption of different lamp types.

Color Temperature

Choose a color temperature using the bottom slider or tap the sun to choose a Kelvin value. The background color changes to reflect the chosen color temperature.

EU Energy Label

Enter Watt, Lumen and other lamp parameters to calculate the EU Energy Label class. Compare the old and the new classification side-by-side.

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New EU Regulation

EU Energy Label 2021

Starting from September 2021 a new energy label will be mandatory for lamps and light sources. In a Medium article we compared the old EU energy label with the new one.

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