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Apps and Games

We develop apps which increase your productivity as well as games which are just fun.


Manage your kitchen inventory, schedule your meals, collect your recipes. Poyki creates your shopping list automatically and supports you with package-free shopping.

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Terracotta Pi

Stop the circles by tapping them as late as possible, but before it’s too late. A game colored in the shades of the beautiful terracotta earthenware. 

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Addi(c)tive Colors

A game about mixing colors. Add up colors until you get white. In a second game, guess the HEX codes you see on the screen and find the matching color. Levels get harder over time.

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False Friends EN-DE

A dictionary and quiz for False Friends. False Friends are words that sound similar in German and English but have a different meaning.

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LED-to-Bulb Converter

Convert Lumen to Watt for different light bulb types. Show the color temperature for a Kelvin value. Calculate the EU Energy Label class for the old and the new 2021 label.

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Compare Package Prices

Compare prices of different package sizes and find out what’s the better offer. Get the result both as numbers and visualized as ring chart. Convert units and currencies in the pro version. 

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Calculator with an innovative user interface requiring no permissions. Provides commonly used functions such as sin, cos, tan and ln. Immediate caclulation of the result.

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